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More about our therapies

The Doctors
Laser Therapy

Drs. Peter and Mary are a brother and sister duo with 35 years of experience. They continue to incorporate new techniques, including care for sciatic nerve pain, arm and hand numbness, headaches and extremity adjusting.

This laser therapy begins the healing process within at the cellular level, which is where the inflammation and damage occurs. 

It allows the doctors to concentrate on the structural cause of the injury.  Not just for back and neck pain, we have used this class 4 laser therapy for skin grafts, liver and gall bladder issues as well as the muscular-skeletal issues that are very common in our patient

Vibration Plate Therapy

Vibration therapy allows the doctors to concentrate on the structural cause of the injury. 

Loss in bone density, muscle loss, joint fixation and loss of flexibility are just some of these issues.  Using higher frequencies of vibration is an excellent way to reduce the effects of these problems.  Coupled with chiropractic adjustments, this therapy is very popular in our clinic for immediate improvement in range of motion and spasm reduction.

Neurostim Therapy

Neurostim allows us to identify accupuncture points as well as effected areas of inflammation, carbon monoxide and lactic acid, and repel, or push away, these elements from the injured or affected areas that have pain. It is highly effective for releasing scars and adhesion that are bound to the surrounding tissues.  Relief begins for most patients immediately.

Rife Technology
Trigger Point Therapy

This exciting therapy utilizes the same science as demonstrated by an opera singer shattering a glass.  Using equal and opposite radio frequencies, the cell membranes of harmful cells "shatter" and are destroyed.  Our patients find it helpful for lung issues, parasites and in the fight against Lyme disease as well as many other issues that are slow or unresponsive to other therapies.  Ask us if it can help you or a loved one!

This Trigger Point therapy can be highly effective for giving immediate and lasting results from myospams and adhesions.  However, at the Milostan Greater Health Center, we use our knowledge of the various muscle insertion and origins to treat the whole group involved.  The result is increased mobility and range of motion and marked decrease in pain that improves with every session.

With this unique therapy, frequencies of known pathologies and dificiencies are administered painlessly through the patient's skin.  When the machine registers a "match", it is recorded and saved.  After the test, corrective frequencies for the findings are administered.  The patient will leave with a product that has been imprinted with these corrective frequencies as well.  

This therapy is very helpful in helping to find difficult to identify problems. 

Because health is the greatest wealth.

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