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The Milostan/Greater Health Story

Both Dr. Peter and Dr. Mary graduated from Life Chiropractic University in Atlanta, Georgia.  They have been in the Lakes Area, Commerce Twp, Oakland County area since 1989.  Since the beginning, the doctors rejected the high pressure, contract signing way of practicing.  Instead, they have focused on incorporating multiple supports into in the clinic including, but not limited to, Massage Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Class IV Laser treatment, Neurostim Therapy, Vibration Frequency along with Rife Therapy and Bio Feedback.  Supplements are a big support for their patients in the Commerce Twp, Oakland County area as well.  


The Milostan/Greater Health Approach

Patients at the Milostan Clinic can expect highly individualized care and support.  They will make recommendations for care and walk their patients through adjustments, muscle work and the various therapies that would best hasten relief and recovery.  Patients find the office comfortable, friendly and perhaps slightly more laid back then at other offices they may have been to.  Many patients comment on the personalized attention given to get the care they need from the doctors. Milostan/Greater Health is not a high volume practice, which affords Dr. Peter and Dr. Mary to focus on the patient's needs as well as  any adjunct therapies that will benefit the patient.

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