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Specialized Chiropractic Care

Doctors Peter Milostan and Mary Coe - Taking the time to address your chiropractic needs.

When you come to the Milostan Chiropractic/ Greater Health Clinic, we won't rush you into treatment. We take the time required to meet each of your unique needs and strive to provide you with the care that will lead to a positive response.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Roland Weber, our own in office, full time, licensed massage therapist specializes in therapeutic massage.  He is a listener, and adjusts his technique to the needs of the patient.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Utilizing this laser therapy has changed the amount of healing time 10 fold! Patients usually feel IMMEDIATE relief.  This laser therapy begins the healing process within at the cellular level, which is where the inflammation and damage occurs. 

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Vibration Frequency Therapy

The Greater Health/Milostan Chiropractic Clinic in Commerce, MI utilizes this  NASA invention to address the issues that plagued the astronauts created by weightlessness in space. 

"When patients have tried everything else, they come to us."

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Milostan/Greater Health Clinic

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