Greater Health - Chiropractic
Dr. Peter:  Mon. & Wed. 10am-1pm, 3-7pm
Friday, 7am-11, 12:30-3pm
 Dr. Mary: Tues. 10am-12pm & 4-7pm,
Thurs. 4pm-7 and Sat.9am-12pm
Achieve Greater Health with the help of what our office can offer you!  Our chiropractic care is based on quality, not time!  Our Holistic Alternatives are the latest available!Welcome to our practice! 
Everyone here at Milostan Chiropractic in our Commerce, Lakes area clinic is dedicated to the advancement of health by utilizing Chiropractic and Holistic Alternatives.  A warm welcome to our national and international visitors as well!
Tired of not getting the answers or results you're looking for? Our Chiropractic/  Holistic clinic specializes in slow to respond cases of back pain and neck pain, severe pain, and extremities.  
If our advanced muscle work and adjustments point to other indicators, we will test for depletions, toxicities and imbalances, including hormones to find where the problem lies.
Nutrition, Hormone rebalancing, Bio-frequency & Supplemental support are all offered to complete Greater Health. 
Our services also include spinal adjustments, extremity adjusting, cold lazer therapy, massage, mechanical traction, cox distraction, nutritional support, hormone rebalancing, ADD/ADHD SUPPORT and Candidia & sugar handling supports.  *Much of our Holistic care consulting can be done over the phone and email for our patients who live anywhere else on the globe!
In reality, there is no "one answer" to achieving a healthy balance.  There is no magic supplement, perfect adjustment, or ultimate exercise that gives us health. 
That's why Greater Health has brought together both traditional & advanced holistic technologies together under one roof. 
Live out of the Lakes/Commerce area? We arrange phone consultations for our Hormone Rebalancing and bloodwork deficiencies and holistic treatments. It's easy!
Lab kits are sent to your home with directions for use, questionnaires evaluated and results are e-mailed directly to us, when a phone consultation is then set up.
 We will send the results to you before the consultation to follow along as a protocol is set up for your individual findings.  Protocols from Standard Process and Biotics are then sent to your home with exact instruction. 
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